About Us

All That's Pet is every Pet & Pet lover's happy place!
We love making great products for our fur babies and the people who love them! (Because hey! the people who love pets are ALWAYS awesome people!) 

Who are we?
We are a team of pet lovers who constantly try and make a change in the pet world! 
One of us is a Designer who has spent all her time creating fancy & utility based products for pets!
While one of us is a certified Canine Trainer & Pet photographer who is quite literally a dog magnet!
The Boss of us both being April our fur-baby who tries & tests everything before approving the same! 
(There is also, Zorro, Zella, Eve, Sasuke & Whiskey who play major roles in our Business) 
Together we are here to provide the best for you!
We love what we do & only want to do more! 

Our pet means so much to us, whether they are your best friend, sibling or your child! We are sure you want to pamper them with the best. So here we are trying to get amazing things on one platform just for you & your Pet! We Design, we Innovate & most importantly we love!