Canine Training

Spare the rod and spoil the pet is a quote from the past!

Our pets are our kids for 14 long years. They are our life changers.
They are brought to our homes to be our kids. We do pamper them but more importantly have to train them to live in our homes in as much discipline as possible. Street dogs and cats poop any place on the streets. But we have to house break our pet dogs. Teach them not to poop wherever they like in the home as it is their home too. 
This is one main aspect in getting them accustomed to their new home, i.e your home. 
They are also very intelligent creatures, which makes them prone to boredom if not stimulated all the time. Or else they tend to tear your sofa covers or bite into your furniture. Which isn't acceptable to even the most loving pet parents.

All thats pet says : Throw away that stick and train your pets
As it offers your pets and their parents training and guidance for all their behavior issues and its style is unique too.
No spanking. 
Its all done with a loving touch.
That is why you can trust our training service. We will get you solutions for sure.

We offer the following training types: 

1) Getting home a new dog: You are all geared up to bring home a new member. You have done your research & think you are ready! But what if the new member is not like you? maybe you are an active person, but your pup's low on energy. Maybe you are a lazy person but your pup's full of energy. Well in any case your relationship with the pup and your pup might end up with issues! Fret Not! You have us to look out for the guidance and adopt the pup who is perfect for you and your home! Call us & book an appointment so that we can help you out! 

2) Basic obedience: When you finally get a puppy home, Its adorable and nothing can go wrong. But suddenly your shoes are half chewed! there's pee on the bed, Poop on the pillow & your most priced piece of furniture seems to have a piece chipped off! Don't panic! it's just your pup being a doggy who doesn't know where to pee/poop, it doesn't know what to chew on and is being destructive due to teething. But how to tell him that? Call us over! We will train your doggy with lots of love on how to behave at home! With our basic obedience training, you will have a happy puppy & the puppy will have a happy you! 

3) Tricks for treat: Does your puppy seem to be very active and his regular walks don't get him tired? We have a solution! Dogs are smart animals and need to use up lots of mental & physical energy in order to feel satisfied & tired. We teach dogs lots of fun tricks like teach them to get something, teach them to clean up after playing, to act dead, to sit pretty, etc Practicing these tricks everyday can get you some fun & your dog can use his mental energy as well.

4) Fun Outings: Just like us, dogs like exploring new places every once in a while! We take you out to beaches, treks or just new spaces across town with us and maybe a few other pet & their parents! It's a great way to socialize and let your dog explore! Call us to know more!

P.S: This service is currently available for dogs only.
but you can always drop us a message & we will do our best to help you :)

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