We offer the following services:

a) Canine Training - We believe that a dog is in our life for companionship, which is completely built on trust and love. We don't agree with domination or any sort of physical violence. So, we train with lots of love & care and make sure we make you and your dog happy! 
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b) Pet Photography - Our camera adores animals & so do we. Since every moment with our pets is precious we think we should capture all & frame them! Whether it is your fur-baby's birthday or just another happy day, your struggle to capture the right pose is over! 
Call us and we will help you make some great memories! 
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c) Workshops: Everything about pets is awesome! We wish all of the world would agree. There are so many of us who let our fear take over our love for animals and create unhappiness for them as well as us. We offer various workshops especially for kids so that the fear is replaced with love early on. 
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d) Pet Consultations: From getting home a puppy to behavior issues. We have it sorted for you! We offer consultation sessions for any of your problems & come up with a suitable solution!
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e) Pet Birthdays: Making a day special for your fur baby isn't exactly a piece of cake! But with us on board you can have your cake & eat it too! 
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f) Pet Camps: Let's take a ride away from the urban jungle & get to the real one! While your fur- babies take a dip in the river & explore their natural habitat, you can stretch your leg & relax!
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